• The following definitions are used in these terms and conditions:‘Access Device’ means any electronic means of accessing the Services, including, but not limited to, computers, smartphone devices, feature phones, tablet devices, touch devices or any
      home entertainment system such as video games consoles and smart TVs (or by any other remote means)

      ‘Bonus Terms’ means any terms and conditions and/or rules with regard to promotions, bonuses and special offers which may apply to any part of the Services from time to time

      ‘General Terms’ means the terms and conditions set out in this document

      ‘Privacy Policy’ means the Operator’s privacy policy

      ‘Rules’ means the Betting Rules and the Game Rules specifically applicable to the relevant type of betting and/or gaming

      ‘Services’ means, as appropriate, the services offered for the time being by the Operator through the Website

      ‘Website’ means the website or any respective page, subpage, subdomain or section thereof from time to time, located at or accessible via the domain name: shenpoker.com

    • By using and/or visiting any section of the Website, or by opening an account with the Operator through the Website, You agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and You accordingly :
      agree to the use of electronic communications in order to enter into contracts. The Terms of Use do not affect your statutory rights.
    • In addition, where you play any game or place a bet using the services, or otherwise use the services, you agree to be bound by shenpoker.com
    • The original text of the Terms of Use are in English and any interpretation of them will be based on the original English text. If the Terms of Use or any documents or notices related
      to them are translated into any other language, the original English version will prevail.
    • Please read the Terms of Use carefully before accepting them. Once you have accepted the Terms of Use, please print the Terms of Use and store them. Please note that the Terms of Use
      are subject to change.
    • If You do not agree to accept and be bound by the Terms of Use please do not open an account, and/or continue to use Your Account. Your continued use of any of the Services will
      constitute acceptance of the Terms of Use which we have notified You are in force from time to time.
    • We may need to change the Terms of Use from time to time for a number of reasons, including (without limitation) for commercial reasons, to comply with law or regulations, to comply
      with instructions, guidance or recommendations from a regulatory body, or for customer service reasons.
    • Where we wish to make substantial changes to the Terms of Use, we will give you as much prior notice of such changes. For minor or insubstantial changes, we may not give you any notice
      of such changes, so you are advised to review the Terms of Use on the Website on a regular basis.
    • Where we make changes to the Terms of Use which we wish to notify you of, we will do so by such method of notification as we may notice on the Website
    • In order to place a bet or play a game using the Services, you will need to open an account with the Operator (‘Your Account’ or ‘Account’).
    • In order to open Your Account for use with the Services, You can:
      • contact Customer Services;
      • open by such other Account opening method as shall, from time to time be offered by the Operator;
    • When You open Your Account You will be asked to provide us with personal information, including Your name and date of birth and appropriate contact details, including an address,
      telephone number and e-mail address (‘Your Contact Details’). You may update Your Contact Details from time to time by contacting Customer Services.
    • In opening Your Account You warrant that:
      • You understand and accept the risk that, by using the Services, you may, as well as winning money, lose money;
      • You are: (a) over 18 years of age; and (b) above the age at which gambling or gaming activities are legal under the law or jurisdiction that applies to you (the ‘Relevant Age’);
      • gambling is not illegal in the territory where you reside;
      • You are legally able to enter into contracts;
      • You have not been excluded from gambling;
    • Your Account must be registered in your own, correct, name and personal details and it shall only be issued once for You and not duplicated through any other person, family, household,
      address (postal or IP), email address, Access Device or any environment where Access Devices are shared (e.g. schools, workplaces, public libraries, etc) and/or account in respect of the
      Services. Any other accounts which You open with us, or which are beneficially owned by You in relation to the Services shall be ‘Duplicate Accounts’. We may close any Duplicate Account
      (but shall not be obliged to do so). If we close a Duplicate Account:

      • all bonuses, free bets, and winnings accrued from such bonuses and free bets obtained using that Duplicate Account will be void and forfeited by You;
      • we may, at our entire discretion, void all winnings and refund all deposits (fewer amounts in respect of void winnings) made in respect of that Duplicate Account and, to the extent not
        recovered by us from the relevant Duplicate Account, any amounts to be refunded to us by you in respect of a Duplicate Account may be recovered by us directly from any other of Your Accounts
        (including any other Duplicate Account); or
      • we may, at our entire discretion, allow usage of the Duplicate Account to be deemed valid in which case all losses and stakes placed by or for You through the Duplicate Account shall be
        retained by us.
    • You warrant that:
      • the name and address you supply when opening Your Account are correct; and
      • You are the rightful owner of the money which you at any time deposit in Your Account.
    • It may be an offense for persons under the Relevant Age to make use of the Website. If we are unable to confirm that you are the Relevant Age then we may suspend Your Account until such
      the time that we are able to confirm that you are the Relevant Age. If you are subsequently proven to have been under the Relevant Age at the time you made any gambling or gaming transactions
      with us, then:

      • Your Account will be closed;
      • all transactions made whilst You were underage will be made void, and all related funds deposited by You will be returned by the payment method used for the deposit of such funds,
        wherever practicable;
      • any deposits made whilst You were under the Relevant Age will be returned to You; and
      • any winnings which You have accrued during such time when You were under the Relevant Age will be forfeited by You and You will return to us on demand any such funds which have been
        withdrawn from Your Account.
    • After opening Your Account, You must take all reasonable steps to avoid disclosing (whether deliberately or accidentally) Your username, password and/or account number to anyone else,
      including (where practicable) ensuring that up-to-date security software is downloaded onto YourAccess Device.
    • All transactions made where Your username and password and/or account number have been entered correctly will be regarded as valid, whether or not authorised by You, and we shall not be
      liable for any claims in the event that You disclose Your username, password or account number to anyone else (whether deliberately or accidentally).
    • If You have lost or forgotten Your Account details, or have reason to believe that such details are known to an unauthorised third party, please contact us immediately for a replacement
      through Customer Services of the Website.
    • If You wish to participate in the Services, You must deposit money into Your Account from an account or source of which You are the account holder. Such money may then be used by You to
      place bets or play games.
    • You further agree not to make any charge-backs, reversals or otherwise cancel any deposits into Your Account, and in any such event to refund and compensate us for such unpaid deposits
      including any expenses incurred by us in the process of collecting Your deposit. For the avoidance of doubt Your Account shall not be used by You as a bank account and, should we become aware
      of deposits into and withdrawals from Your Account without commensurate betting or gaming activity, we reserve the right to deduct an administration charge (whether or not we close or suspend
      the account). Money deposited with us in Your Account shall not attract interest.
    • We are required by our licence to inform customers about what happens to money which we hold on account for You, and the extent to which such money are protected in the event on insolvency.
      Money deposited by You to Your Account will be held in a bank account and/or escrow account which will be kept separate from our company funds. Money in Your Account are not insured, guaranteed,
      sponsored or otherwise protected by any deposit or banking insurance system or by any other similar insurance system.
    • We may at any time set off any positive balance on Your Account against any amount owed by You (including under a Duplicate Account) to any other company within the Operator’s Group
      (irrespective of whether there has been a breach of the Terms of Use), including (without limitation) where we re-settle any bets or wagers pursuant Duplicate Accounts, Collusion, Cheating,
      Fraud and Criminal Activity.
    • You may request withdrawal of funds from Your Account at any time.
    • On any withdrawal approved by us, provided that You give us sufficient information as to how the funds should be transferred to You, we will return the relevant funds to You.
    • Inactive Account Fee. If You do not use Your Account for betting or gaming, making a deposit, withdrawal or transfer, or if it is otherwise inactive, for a period of at least 24 consecutive
      months then it will be an ‘Inactive Account’.
    • Access to or use of the Website or any of the Services via the Website may not be legal for some or all residents of or persons in certain countries. We do not intend that the Website should
      be used for betting, gaming or any other purposes by persons in countries in which such activities are illegal. The fact that the Website is accessible in any country, or appears in the official
      language of any such country shall not be construed as a representation or warranty with respect to the legality or otherwise of the access to and use of the Website, and the making of deposits
      or receipt of any winnings from Your Account. The availability of the Website does not constitute an offer, solicitation or invitation by us for the use of or subscription to betting, gaming
      or other services in any jurisdiction in which such activities are prohibited by law.
    • It is Your responsibility to determine the law that applies in the location in which You are present. You should ensure that You will be acting legally in Your jurisdiction in opening Your
      Account and/or using the Website and You represent, warrant and agree that You will do so.
    • Where You are accessing the Services via an electronic form of communication and in relation to Your use of the Website for the placing of bets or playing of games You should be aware that:
      • You may be using a connection or equipment which is slower than such equipment used by others and this may affect Your performance in time critical events offered via the Website
      • You may encounter system flaws, faults, errors or service interruption
      • the Game Rules for each event or game offered via the Website are available and should be considered by You prior to Your use of the Services offered via the Website
      • in games offered via the Website which benefit from more players or greater liquidity we may deploy automated players (‘Bots’)(whose usernames will be ‘bot’) who are pre-programmed to play
        and join in with the game in order to assist the liquidity or the number of players gaming, although we will not use Bots without making such usage clear to You. We can categorically confirm
        that We do not deploy Bots in our Poker software and will take active steps in conjunction with our software providers to prevent their usage by any users of the Services
    • The following practices (or any of them) in relation to the Services:
      • abuse of bonuses or other promotions; and/or
      • using unfair external factors or influences (commonly known as cheating); and/or
      • taking unfair advantage
      • opening any Duplicate Accounts
      • undertaking fraudulent practice or criminal activity

      constitute ‘Prohibited Practices’ and are not permitted and will constitute a material breach of the Terms of Use. We will take all reasonable steps to prevent and detect such practices
      and to identify the relevant players concerned if they do occur. Subject to the above, however, we will not be liable for any loss or damage which You may incur as a result of any Prohibited
      Practices, and any action we take in respect of the same will be at our sole discretion.

    • If You suspect a person is engaged in any Prohibited Practice, You shall as soon as reasonably practicable report it to us by e-mailing us or telephoning Customer Services.
    • You agree that You shall not participate in or be connected with any form of Prohibited Practice in connection with Your access to or use of the Services.
    • If:
      • we have reasonable grounds to believe that You have participated in or have been connected with any form of Prohibited Practice (and the basis of our belief shall include the use by us
        (and by our gaming partners and our other suppliers) of any fraud, cheating and collusion detection practices which are used in the gambling and gaming industry at the relevant time)
      • You have placed bets and/or played online games with any other online provider of gambling services and are suspected (as a result of such play) of any Prohibited Practice or otherwise
        improper activity
      • we become aware that You have ‘charged back’ or denied any of the purchases or deposits that You made to Your Account
    • Provided that Your Account does not show that a balance is due to us, You are entitled to close Your Account and terminate the Terms of Use on not less than twenty four hours’ notice to
      us at any time, by contacting us through Customer Services.

      • indicating Your wish to close Your Account
      • stating the reasons why You wish to close Your Account, in particular if You are doing so because of concerns over the level of Your use of the same.

      We will respond to Your request, confirming closure of Your Account and the date on which such closure will be effective, within a reasonable time, provided that You continue to assume
      responsibility for all activity on Your Account until such closure has been carried out by us (at which point the Terms of Use shall terminate).

    • When repaying the outstanding balance on Your Account, we shall use the same method of payment which You provided upon registration of Your Account, or such other payment method as
      we may reasonably select.
    • Where You have closed Your Account, we may in certain circumstances be able to re-open Your Account with the same account details as before if You request us to do so. In such circumstances,
      while Your Account will have the same account details as before, it will be subject to the Terms of Use which are in force at the date of any such re-opening and any prior entitlements
      (including, but without limitation, to bonuses or contingent winnings) will no longer be valid.
    • You are solely responsible for the supply and maintenance of all of Your Access Devices and related equipment and telecommunications networks and internet access services that You need
      to use in order to access the Services. We will not be liable in any way whatsoever for any losses caused to You (whether resulting from loss of service, poor internet connectivity, insufficient
      bandwidth or otherwise) by the internet or any telecommunications service provider that You have engaged in order to access the Services. For the avoidance of doubt, the Operator does not make
      any representation or give any warranty as to the compatibility of the Services with any particular third party software or hardware, including (for the avoidance of doubt) third party analysis
      or ‘Bot’ programmes which promise certain results from any of the Services.
    • Under no circumstances should You use the Services for any purpose which is or is likely to be considered to be defamatory, abusive, obscene, unlawful, of a racist, sexist or other
      discriminatory nature, or which could cause offence. You must not use any abusive or aggressive language or images, swear, threaten, harass or abuse any other person, including other users,
      via the Website, or attempt to pass Yourself off as being any other person, or behave in such a manner towards any Operator staff used to provide the Services, Customer Services, or any helpdesk
      or support function which we make available to You.
    • You shall use the Website for personal entertainment only and shall not be allowed to provide access or reproduce the Website or any part of it in any form whatsoever without our express
      consent, including creating links to it.
    • You shall be solely liable in respect of any content uploaded by You onto the Website and, in uploading any such content, You represent and warrant that:
      • You have obtained all necessary approvals, consents, licences and permissions required in respect of the Uploaded Content and that the reproduction of the Uploaded Content on the Website
        will not infringe the copyright, trade mark, confidential information or any other intellectual property rights whatsoever of any third party.
      • the Uploaded Content will comply with all laws and regulations (including, in particular, those relating to data protection and privacy)
      • the Operator is entitled to use and sub-licence the use of the Uploaded Content at its sole discretion.
    • if You are still in any doubt, contact Customer Services for clarification.
    • not place any bet or game on any event until its meaning is understood to Your satisfaction, because we cannot accept any responsibility if You place a bet or game via the products offered
      via the Services in circumstances where You do not understand any of the terms involved in or relating to the bet or game.
    • We may, in our absolute discretion, alter or amend any product or service (including any prices offered) available through the Website at any time for the purpose of ensuring the ongoing
      provision of the Website, but without prejudice to any games and/or bets already in progress at the time of such amendment. From time to time, we may restrict You from accessing some parts of
      the Website for the purpose of maintenance of the Website and/or alteration or amendment of any of the games and/or products available through the Website.
    • In order to use the products offered through the Services, You may be required to download and install software supplied by third parties on to Your Access Device (‘Software’). Software
      may include, but is not limited to: Access Device applications, our download Poker products and any promotional, marketing and/or facility applications, products and software.
    • In such circumstances, You may be required to enter into a separate agreement with the owner or licensor of such Software in respect of Your use of the same (a ‘Third Party Software
      ). In case of any inconsistency between the Terms of Use and any Third Party Software Agreement, the Terms of Use will prevail in so far as the inconsistency relates to the
      relationship between You and the Operator.
    • It is Your responsibility to ensure that any Software is downloaded onto Your Access Device in a manner compatible with Your own Access Device’s specific set-up. For the avoidance of doubt,
      we shall not be liable to the extent that the incorrect downloading of any Software has an adverse effect on the operation of Your Access Device.
    • Notwithstanding that the Services provided via any Access Device application shall be subject to the Terms of Use, the terms under which any application (‘App’) is downloaded or installed
      onto Your Access Device shall be governed by the agreement entered into between You and the supplier of the relevant App but, in case of any inconsistency between the Terms of Use and any such
      agreement, the Terms of Use will prevail in so far as the inconsistency relates to the relationship between You and the Operator.
    • Where problems occur in the software or hardware used by us to provide the Services we will take all reasonable steps to remedy the problem as soon as reasonably practicable. Where such
      problems cause a game to be interrupted in circumstances where it cannot be restarted from exactly the same position without any detriment to You or other players, we will take all reasonable
      steps to treat You in a fair manner (which may include reinstating the balance on Your Account to the position existing following completion of the last bet or game logged on the Operator’s
      server immediately prior to the occurrence of the problem).
    • A number of circumstances may arise where a bet or wager is accepted, or a payment is made, by us in error. A non-exhaustive list of such circumstances is as follows:
      • where we mis-state any odds or terms of a bet or gaming wager to You as a result of obvious error or omission in inputting the information or setting up a market, or as a result of a
        computer malfunction;
      • where we have made a ‘palpable error’. A palpable error occurs where:
        • in relation to bets placed prior to an event taking place, the prices/terms offered are materially different from those available in the general market; or
        • in relation to any event, the price/terms offered at the time the bet is placed are clearly incorrect given the probability of the event occurring;
      • where we have continued to accept bets on a market which should have been suspended, including where the relevant event is in progress (except where ‘in-running’ bets are accepted) or had
        already finished (sometimes referred to as ‘late bets’);
      • where an error has been made as a result of a Prohibited Practice
      • where we should not have accepted, or have the right to cancel or re-settle, a bet pursuant to the Betting Rules (for example due to ‘Related Contingencies’);
      • where an error is made by us as to the amount of winnings/returns that are paid to You, including as a result of a manual or computer input error; or
      • where an error has been made by us as to the amount of free bets and/or bonuses that are credited to Your Account, any such circumstances being referred to as an ‘Error’.
    • We reserve the right to:
      • correct any Error made on a bet placed and re-settle the same at the correct price or terms which were available or should have been available through the Operator (absent the publishing
        error) at the time that the bet was placed and the bet will be deemed to have taken place on the terms which were usual for that bet
      • where it is not reasonably practicable to correct and re-settle, to declare the bet void and return Your stake into Your Account
      • in circumstances where the Error has resulted from a Prohibited Practice
    • Neither we (including our employees or agents) nor our partners or suppliers shall be liable for any loss, including loss of winnings, that results from any Error by us or an error by You.
    • You shall inform us as soon as reasonably practicable should You become aware of any Error.
    • Where You have used monies which have been credited to Your Account or awarded to You as a result of an Error to place subsequent bets or play games, we may cancel such bets and/or withhold
      any winnings which You may have won with such monies, and if we have paid out on any such bets or gaming activities, such amounts shall be deemed to be held by You on trust for us and You shall
      immediately repay to us any such amounts when a demand for repayment is made by us to You.
    • You will fully indemnify, defend and hold us and our officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers harmless from and against any and all losses, costs, expenses, claims,
      demands, liabilities and damages (including legal fees), however caused, that may arise, whether or not reasonably foreseeable, as a result of or in connection with:

      • the access to and use of the Services by You or by anyone else using Your username and password; and/or
      • any breach by You of any of the terms and provisions of the Terms of Use.
    • Where You are in breach of the Terms of Use, we may at our sole discretion, prior to any suspension or termination of Your Account, notify You (using Your Contact Details) that You are in
      breach, requiring You to stop the relevant act or failure to act, and/or requiring You to put right an act or fault on Your part and warning You of our intended action if You do not do so,
      provided always that such notification shall not be a pre-condition to any suspension or termination of Your Account.
    • We have the right to disable any user identification code or password, whether chosen byYou or allocated by us, at any time, if in our reasonable opinion You have failed to comply with any
      of the provisions of the Terms of Use.
    • In addition to any other remedy available, if You breach any of the Terms of Use we shall be entitled to recover from Your Account any positive balance to the extent of any amount reasonably
      claimed against You pursuant to paragraph 17.1.
    • All website design, text, graphics, music, sound, photographs, video, the selection and arrangement thereof, software compilations, underlying source code, software and all other material
      forming part of the Services are subject to copyright and other proprietary rights which are either owned by us or used under licence from third party rights owners. To the extent that any
      material comprised within the Services may be downloaded or printed then such material may be downloaded to a single device only (and hard copies may be printed) solely for Your own personal,
      non-commercial use.
    • Under no circumstances shall the use of the Services grant to You any interest in any intellectual property rights (for example copyright, know-how or trade marks) owned by us or by any
      third party whatsoever, other than a personal, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable licence to use such intellectual property rights in connection with Your personal, non-commercial use of the
      Services pursuant to the Terms of Use.
    • No rights whatsoever are granted to use or reproduce any trade marks or logos which appear on the Website except as specifically permitted in accordance with the Terms of Use.
    • You must not, nor must You allow any other person to copy, store, publish, rent, licence, sell, distribute, alter, add to, delete, remove or tamper with the Website or any part of it in any
      way or directly or indirectly disrupt or interfere (or attempt to disrupt or interfere) with or alter the Website, other than in the course of viewing or using the Website in accordance with the
      Terms of Use.
    • All intellectual property rights in the name IDNPOKER, the logos, designs, trade marks and other distinctive brand features of the Operator and any content provided by the Operator or any
      third party for inclusion on the Website vest in the Operator or the applicable third party. You agree not to display or use such logos, designs, trade marks and other distinctive brand features
      in any manner without our prior written consent.
    • You shall not:
      • corrupt the Website;
      • attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Website, the servers on which the Website is stored or any server, computer or database connected to the Website;
      • flood the Website with information, multiple submissions or ‘spam’;
      • knowingly or negligently use any features which may affect the function of the Website in any way for example (but not limited to) releasing or propagating viruses, worms, trojans, logic
        bombs or similar material that is malicious or harmful;
      • interfere or tamper with, remove or otherwise alter in any way, any information in any form which is included on the Website;
      • attack the Website via a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack. We will report any suspected breach of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 to the relevant law enforcement
        authorities and we will co-operate with those authorities by disclosing Your identity to them. In the event of such a breach, Your right to use the Website will cease immediately.
    • We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect Your Access Device and related
      equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to Your use of the Website or to Your downloading of any material posted on such Website, or on any website linked to the
    • All information on Your Account held by us is securely data warehoused and remains confidential except where otherwise stated in the Terms of Use (including, for the avoidance of doubt, the
      Privacy Policy).
    • Prior to Your use of and when You use the Services it will be necessary for us to collect certain information about You, including Your name and date of birth, Your Contact Details, and may
      also include information about Your marketing preferences (all of which shall be known as ‘Your Personal Information’).
    • By providing us with Your Personal Information, You consent to our processing Your Personal Information, including any of the same which is particularly sensitive.
      • for the purposes set out in the Terms of Use.
      • for other purposes where we need to process Your Personal Information for the purposes of operating the Services,
    • We may retain copies of any communications that You send to us (including copies of any emails) in order to maintain accurate records of the information that we have received from You.
    • The Website uses ‘cookies’ to track Your use of the internet and to assist the functionality of the Website. A cookie is a small file of text which is downloaded onto Your Access Device
      when You access the Website and it allows us to recognise when You come back to the Website. We use cookies for the operation of the Website, including (for example) to allow You to remain logged
      in as You browse between, and use Your Account to bet on or play games on, different parts of the Website. We also use cookies for our own analytical purposes so that we can identify where
      customers have encountered technical problems on the Website, and therefore help us improve our customers’ experience.
    • If You object to cookies or want to delete any cookies that are already stored on Your Access Device, we recommend that You follow the instructions for deleting existing cookies and disabling
      future cookies on Your file management and internet browsing software. Further information on deleting or controlling cookies is available within our Privacy
      or at www.aboutcookies.org. Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies You may not be able to access
      certain areas or features of the Website.
    • We reserve the right to transfer, assign, sublicense or pledge the Terms of Use (an ‘assignment’), in whole or in part, to any person without notice to You, provided that any such assignment
      will be on the same terms or terms that are no less advantageous to You.
    • You may not assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer in any manner whatsoever any of Your rights or obligations under the Terms of Use.
    • We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under the Terms of Use that is caused by events outside our reasonable
      control, including (without limitation) any telecommunications network failures, power failures, failures in third party computer (or other) equipment, fire, lightning, explosion, flood, severe
      weather, industrial disputes or lock-outs, terrorist activity and acts of government.
    • If we fail to insist upon strict performance of any of Your obligations or if we fail to exercise any of the rights or remedies to which we are entitled, this shall not constitute a waiver
      of such rights or remedies and shall not relieve You from compliance with such obligations.
    • A waiver by us of any default shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent default.
    • No waiver by us of any of the provisions of the Terms of Use shall be effective unless it is expressly stated to be a waiver and is communicated to You.
    • If any of the Terms of Use are determined by any competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, such term, condition or provision will to that extent be severed
      from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.
    • In such cases, the part deemed invalid or unenforceable shall be amended in a manner consistent with the applicable law to reflect, as closely as possible, the Operator’s original intent.
    • The Terms of Use and any document expressly referred to in them represent the entire agreement between You and us and supersede any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between You
      and us, whether oral or in writing.
    • We each acknowledge that neither of us has relied on any representation, undertaking or promise given by the other or implied from anything said or written in negotiations between us except
      as expressly stated in the Terms of Use.
    • Neither party shall have any remedy in respect of any untrue statement made by the other, whether orally or in writing, prior to the date of the contract (unless such untrue statement was made
      fraudulently) and the other party’s only remedy shall be for breach of contract as provided in the Terms of Use.
    • These Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Philippines.
    • The courts of Philippines shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of the Terms of Use.
    • For those customers who wish to restrict their gambling, we provide a voluntary self-exclusion policy, which enables You to close Your Account or restrict Your ability to place bets or game
      on the Website for a minimum period of six months. You can ask that the restriction lasts for a period of up to five years. Once Your Account has been self-excluded You will be unable to
      reactivate the Account under any circumstances until the expiry of the period chosen under this paragraph. At the expiry of the self-exclusion period You will be entitled to re-commence use of
      the Services by contacting Customer Services or by opening a new account.
    • If You require any information relating to this facility please speak to Customer Services through the Help section or view our Responsible Gaming section.
    • We will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure compliance with self-exclusion. However, self-exclusion requires the joint commitment of both You and the Operator. During the self-exclusion
      period You must not attempt to try to open new accounts and You accept that we have no responsibility or liability whatsoever if You continue gambling and/or seek to use the Website and we fail
      to recognise or determine that You have requested self-exclusion in circumstances which are beyond our reasonable control.
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