12betpoker FAQ

Shenpoker is PVP based (Player vs Player) players come from different countries such as Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and Malaysia.

Before sending money to play the game, players should log in to their respective accounts, depositors may choose to update banking information and money orders in advance. Players could transfer the money to one of the 5 selected bank accounts.

There are 3 ways to make Deposits: By CDM (Cash Deposit Machine), Transfer in Bank counter, or making transfers by using internet banking services. Players are suggested to make an instant transfer instead of GIRO so the transaction will be processed as quickly as possible.

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal amount is $10.00 MYR

After receiving the deposit request, Shenpoker staff will check and update your deposit request as soon as possible. Which could only take 3 – 5 minutes.

Withdrawal only takes 3-5 minutes, after a player makes a withdrawal request Shenpoker staff will quickly process the request and will send the money directly to the player’s account.

The first amount shown in the game is the number of chips the player possesses, and the next one is the amount in MYR currency.

A player can only create one account on Shenpoker. If the player deliberately creates multiple accounts to get rewards and promos, the entire balance of the accounts (including any deposits and wager ) will be confiscated and the account may be canceled or be locked.

Jackpot wager is betting form for a chance to win more great prizes from the game. After the cards on the table are open, if all of the players bought previously Jackpot combination forming the cards in your system Jackpot prize will receive bonus chips. In Shenpoker there are 4 types of Jackpot a player can buy: 100 chips, 500 chips, 1000 chips and 2000 chips (2000 chips Jackpot table only for special VIP and higher). For more details about Jackpot, you can browse it on www.shenpoker.com

ShenPoker.com represents all enthusiast of Online Poker card games, especially in Malaysia. With new tech systems and high-speed servers that will make your Poker game more exciting and interesting along with your friends and your rivals. Just log in and play ShenPoker.com with high server encryption system that will ensure data security for all members. Invite Friends and join in, Win the Game and to get the Jackpot Experience by Gaming with us.